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BFF or Love? Episode 44 S2E20

UPDATE: Episode 45 will be up tomorrow little past afternoon. I just need to render it and I will upload it. I tried rendering it it now, but it wants to go really slow tonight and render as slow as it can. 18 comments until next episode. Thanks you for watching :) I did it in th video FINALLY :) COPYRIGHTS GOES TO: DJ Earworm, Franz Ferdinand, and High School Musical 3 -------BFF or Love? Episode 44 S2E20------- SELENA: -Walks to her dressing room- JOE: -Standing in there with roses- Forgive me? SELENA: Maybe.. -Grabs the roses and throws them away- JOE: Those roses cost a lot. SELENA: Oh, really now? -Grabs her coffee and is about to spill it all over the roses- JOE: -Runs and grabs the coffee- How about no? -Drinks the coffee and gives it back to Selena- SELENA: I'll forgive you. -Grabs the coffee and grabs the roses out of the trash can- JOE: Good. -Brings her into a hug and kisses her forehead- SELENA: -Kisses his cheek and walks away- -Next Day- --In the Wizard's Cafeteria-- SELENA: -Sticking a fork into her salad- So, Joe...Got any plans later? JOE: Yeah, I have a meeting with my agent about an awesome movie, you? SELENA: I'm going a movie. When is this meeting? JOE: Uh.. -Looks at watch- I better go now. -Gets up and kisses her forehead- Bye. -Leaves- SELENA: -Throws away her salad and gets a phone call. She picks up- Hello? GREG: I'm waiting for you in your dressing room. SELENA: Greg, I don't know...Me and Joe made up. GREG: I'll wait here for ...

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