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BFF or Love? Episode 49 S3E1

35 Comments until Next Episode; Wow, I can't believe I'm already on Season 3! You guys are amazing! You're probably getting tired of me saying that, huh? Well, I can't because you guys are truly amazing! Thank you for watching :) And if you're wondering why the words are funky in the flashback, it's because I copied the picture from episode 8/9 and put it on and you couldn't read the words so I went over it and tried to match it as perfect as I could. COPYRIGHTS GOES TO: DJ Earworm, Jay Sean, and Lady Antebellum -------BFF or Love? Episode 49 S3E1------- -------------A Year Later------------- -At Teen Choice Awards- SONNY: -Gets out with Selena- I can't believe we both are competing for best show. SELENA: Both shows are amazing. At least we look gorgeous! SONNY: That's true. I can't believe we're both dateless. SELENA: Single for a year and loving it. SONNY: Me too. Good thing Joe knew we were faking with Troy. SELENA: Totally. -Looks behind Sonny- I guess I'm going to be the only one dateless tonight. SONNY: What do you mean? SELENA: Look behind you. SONNY: -Turns around- What are you doing here? TROY: -Holding a rose- I gave myself a year to get over you. Let's just say, it didn't work out. SONNY: Troy, I don't know... SELENA: Well, I got to go answer some questions from the reporters. SONNY: Okay. -Grabs Selena and whispers in her ear, "Your show is going to win. It has like 20 wins. My show doesn't stand a chance." SELENA: -Smiles- Don't say that. Your show stands a ...

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