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Blue Collar Leafs (ft. Chris McGill)

Toronto Maple Leafs Rap from 2009 Lyrics: So it started for me way back in 93, I was finally nine, allowed to watch TV They had had the hope of a nation, ready and willing, the bounce in my step could send me to the ceilin And then outta no where , Mr. Great one highsticks, no call from Mr. Frazer, wonder if the games fixed We go on to lose, still havent won another cup, but since 67 we've never hired an LA Duck. Did you hear that, Brian Burke is at our rudder, and no I aint playin, for real I didnt studder When you got the man, at the top to lead, to win the cup's like grass, just gotta plant the seed. First step give him full control, MLSE did that, time to rock and roll Sure changes will happen, but thats what must be, I remember when the leafs had to deal Dougie But it made the team better, and you'll see it again, whether Antro or Kabs or Mr. Matt Stagan, From the outside world, we leaf fans are dreamers, but with Burkes help now, you gonna turn to believers Here we go now, maple leaf fans take a bow, my jersey I am wearin, game's on sportsnet sound is blarin We may be blue and white but we play like we blue collar... I'm sportsnet's biggest fan, and that is why I pop the collar We all bleed blue and white, but we play like we blue collar... if you just love this team, then make some noise yah lets hollar

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