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De'Longhi Portable Air Conditioner

In this video demonstration, learn about the De'Longhi portable air conditioner. Make your space comfortable all year long with the economical, go-anywhere solution from De'Longhi. This portable AC has a 5 minute set up that doesn't require tools. To set up the air conditioner, first place the included bracket into the window. Extend the bracket fully and lock into place. Then lower the window into the bracket. Finally, attach the exhaust hose ends into the window slot and the back end of the air conditioner. Just plug it in and turn it on to use! The De'Longhi air conditioner comes with a variety of great features: *Steamlined look so it won't obstruct your view *Wheels and handles for easy portability *No drip technology for a no-mess operation To find De'Longhi heating and cooling products at Lowe's, visit

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