Video - HALLOWEEN SALE!!! Male TINY TCUP Short-Haired Chihuahua!

Videa Gonow Troy HALLOWEEN SALE!!! Male TINY TCUP Short-Haired Chihuahua!

HALLOWEEN SALE!!! Male TINY TCUP Short-Haired Chihuahua! **********PUPPY INFO********** This is our other Male, T-Cup, Short-Haired, Chihuahua This little guy is ready to go now, (born August 14th 2008). He has a smooth, black coat, with Tan-Colored markings. You don't really see many Chihuahua's that are marked and colored like a Rottweiler! He is quite unique, and loves my little ones! So, he'll make a great family dog, or companion. He's also very friendly and very tiny. Tcup Chihuahua's areknown to get 2-4 lbs, depending on what and how you feed them! Some of our T-Cup Chihuahua's usually get no more than 4 lbs, but we want to let everyone know his weight possibilities, because we don't want to mislead anyone. Please be aware that "Tcup" is only a size, & not a breed. Some breeders & other people do starve puppies or feed them less to make them tiny, so they can sell them as "Tcups" for thousands of $, so please be aware. We don't believe in that, & we would rather puppies be a little bigger, if they are going to be! He's currently under 2 Pounds going on 10 weeks, and about full grown! These Chihuahua's are sold by others from 1000-3000, but we don't believe in charging people that much, because we look at it like, theres always more puppies coming. We feel like charging people that much, is just like ripping customers off! So, we are asking 500 or best offer. This price includes his first vet-check, all his vaccinations, worming, a health guarantee, the registration fee for his papers through the ...

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