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Hate or Love (Justin Bieber Love Story) Fan Fiction Chapter 8

Alexis: because? Well? Tell me why? Justin: because ................. Alexis: oh for god sake JUSTIN! Faster Justin: Because i think like you! I like you okay! Alexis: you whaat? Woah woah woah. Things started to get more and more awkward. Justin hide his face and so do alexis. Justin: look i know you don't feel the same, so im sorry for interrupting your date . imma go now. Byee.. ALEXIS POV Did he just said, he like me? Am i hearing correctly? Before i could stop him from going "alexis? Is everythings alright?" i turn around , it was garred, "naah, everything's cool" "oh okay then we should get in , the movie is about to end" we went inside but i couldn't concentrate to the screen , my head is now thinking about justin. Ugh i cant get him out of my head.*later at a cafe with garred after movie* "alexis?" "huh? Oh youre back from getting the ice tea?" "umm yeah, you look like there's something in your mind?" , "nothing,"lie. Okay then. Garred talk alot, but i dint hear all of it because my mind was somewhere else. I can stop thinking about justin. " Garred? Can you drive me home now? Im tired" , "ooh, umm okay" *later in garred's car infront of the house* "well that was fun , goodnight garred" i reach for the door but garred pull be back and he tried to kiss me, but i refuse. "why whats wrong?" "im sorry i don't like you that way. You'll find better girl garred, im sorry" "oh okay. Im sorry for doing that" * i said my goodbye for the last time and jump out of the car.the ...

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