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Hate or Love (Justin Bieber Love Story) Fan Fiction Chapter 12

so you guys heard that justin and selena meet at miami right? so imma add some of the info here, but IT"S FAKE! i made it up okaay? on with the story _________________________________________________________ uhh ooh, are they really talking bout me? Oh shizz!! Okay just ignore it, besides, no one knows it's me. Okay, tumblr time! So many pretty pictures! Reblog all of them (if you don't know what tumblr and reblog means , you should see the psychology , you maybe suffering on stupidity) um scroll more more , my jaws drop when i saw a picture of, omg, it's a picture of me and justin at the airport, and how the eff did the got all these pictures? and they're talking bad about me -,-" gosh, i don't understand why are they talking bad about me. I dint do anything to them. C'MON PEOPLE! Ugh this is soo disturbing, i log off both twitter and tumblr, there's so much drama!! Facebook may be a little good, besides i don't get to chat with my friends and MADDIE most importantly since i cancelled most of out summer plans. So i open maddie's profile and , whatheeff? Why did she write on her status tht im with justin! Oh shizz, now people will know that it's me! Okay alexis calm down , calm down! I open my wall and , MAAAAN! People are asking is the rumours that maddie said was true. Ugh i soo don't wanna read all of them so i write for my status. *you guys don't need to spam my status, what maddie said was not true, she's just joking* click on share, well i hope people will believe ...

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