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Hate or Love (Justin Bieber Love Story) Fan Fiction Chapter 9

*the next day* It's Friday, yesterday alexis extreamly mad at her mom but she cool off after a while. So today i'll be flying with alexis and scooter to Miami. It's the first destination for the tour. "Justin! Are you ready? You're flight leaves at 3pm and it's 2pm already!" , my mom shouted from downstairs "Yeah im all set!" , i take a quick check on myself, outfit-amazing , hair- *flips* great and perfume-my fav and it smelled good! Now im all set. I carry my bags outside the room. I wonder if alexis is ready. "alexis? Are you all set?" , "Im down here! I've prepared an hour ago" wow, she was fast. What makes her so excited? *downstairs* scooter was standing in our driveway "Scooter!" i wave at him, "YO!" he waved back. Well im gonna get to him later. "okay justin, alexis, take care of yourself" mom give me a hug. "don't worry mom, im already 17, don't you trust me?" "hooo, i trust you big boy" she said back and smile. "bye lauren" i hug her, "Bye justin," i let go of the hug and turn around mom was hugging alexis "now alexis , if justin do anything strange, you immediately call me and he'll be regret" "MOM! Im not gonna do anything!!" i cant believe she just said that. "don't worry pattie, i can take care of myself" she chuckle . she runs to her mom and hug her tightly "bye mom, im gonna miss you" "aww, alexis, i'll call you every single day okay?" maybe this is the first time the separate before. "umm guys i think we should go now" scooter said when alexis is still ...

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