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Videa Gonow Troy Just a dream? A Jobromance Episode 22 part 2

Just a dream? A Jobromance Episode 22 part 2

Recap:Kevin Invited Amy to Sports Palace and she said Yep yep =] [27th July 2008 (afternoon)]: Kevin drove back to the parkling lot where the tour bus was,outside the gates,there was some papparazzi who spotted Kevin Paparazzi:[chasing after Kevin in the car]Kevin!Kevin! Kevin waved Papparazi:Kevin!can you tell us if Nick Has a girlfriend?? Kevin:No comment Papparazi:aww come on Kevin tell us Kevin:Ask Nick if you want to know,I have to go now,Bye Papparazi:[disappointed] Thanks for your time Kevin went back in the tour bus Nick:[looking out window]Hey Kevin,stupid paps,what were they asking? Kevin:Asking me if you have a girlfriend. Nick:..what did you say? Kevin:Ask Nick Nick:Kev!I want to try to avoid them not talk to them Kevin:[sigh]You will have to one day Nick:So what did Amy say? Kevin:She said she would love to come [smiles] Nick:Woo Well Go and tell the rest Kevin went into the living area and told them Joe:Wahay,oh and by the way, It's game on Nick and Kevin Nick:Pfft What's the point I always win Joe:Place your bets! Sophie and Sam payed $20 each Sophie:Nick of course Sam:Kevin Joe:What! Sam:I said Kevin.. Joe:You just wait and See Sam! Nick:Shall we get ready?Kevin your driving Kevin:Yup,we need to get Amy first so let's get going! Everyone got ready,Sophie and Sam wearing shorts and plimsolls and got into Kevin's jeep,Kevin driving,Joe in front and Sam Sophie and Nick in back Joe:[whistles]Twit twoo Sam:[blushes]Oh shut up Joe,I'm still betting Kevin Kevin ...

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