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Keep this secret EP17

[selena looked at her with teary eyes then went down stairs] Selena : sorry , guys it's just Miley not feeling good Nick [disspointed] : it's okay , i'm gonna go home too , have fun [he walked out] Selena [looked at Logan] : one couple down , one more to go Logan : what do you mean ?[then the door bell ring , Selena opened was Buffy] Selena : hey , you look amazing Buffy : thanks [then Dean came , he looked at Buffy without saying a word , Selena hit him on his back , he realize he wasn't speaking] Dean : oh , wow you look gorgeous [Buffy smiled as she blushes] Selena : too bad , we are not gonna come with you two Dean : what ? Selena : Logan have a headache , right ? Logan : Me? , oh yeah my head really hurt Selena : but you two go we will stay here for a while , we might catch up ,not sure, bye [she said as they walked out she closed the door] Logan : i think we are gonna stay here so i brought a movie Selena : you know me very well , i will make pop corn [after a while i was sitting in the couch cuddle to Logan as he wrapped his arm around my waist , we was watching "Titanic" i was kind od crying Logan: are you crying ? Selena : yeah Logan : it's just a movie beside it's an old one Selena : you're not romantic at all Logan : i'm romantic Selena : really , prove it [Suddenly he soft kissed me and i kissed back then he pullaway] what was that for? Logan : proving i'm romantic [i smiled at him then i rest my head on his chest watching the movie (with Buffy & Dean ...

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