Video - Mayor Bloomberg King of New York part 2

Videa Gonow Troy Mayor Bloomberg King of New York part 2

Mayor Bloomberg King of New York part 2

Mayor Bloomberg is now officially the king of New York as Forbes declares him the richest person in NYC! Suzannah B. Troy lampoons mayor Bloomberg King of New York Oligarch central bye bye democracy bye bye buy buy democracy, the mayor who would be king and the city is filled with so many mini-mike wannabes Do we the people of the City of New York get a percentage of the billions he made last year because in theory he was working for us. It is amazing that as the world experiences an economic meltdown our very own mayor that would be King of New York makes more billions and is now the richest man in NY!! To become the art star of the moment I need to spray paint "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York" all over the city and GET ARRESTED BY THE NYPD and make the cover of The New York Post!! Sorry folks but I don't spray paint public property, at least not yet! The mayor will probably hire someone to do it. I can't believe Saturday Night Live has not lampooned him, hmmmmm, I wonder why? ps I actually have been feeling awful but the chance to lampoon Mike the mayor that would be king of New York Bloomberg just has a powerful affect on my body. I am also willing to use my cleavage to get my message across. The only thing I fear is the mayor actually taking me seriously. I am obviously joking about some archaic law that entitles us, the people of NY to a percentage of the billions ...

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