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nbb series with u ep 8

nat:nah im good let the sexy lady go (allie gigles) mr e:go now allie:yeah mr im good to nat:u see pick some 1 else mr e:go now or u get an f nat:mr i have gotten an F before it doesnt scare me mr e:not u but allie allie:dats true nat i never got n F in his class nat:well its not a big deal mr e:did i tell u that if u get n F in this class u can get kicked out of the soccer n basketball team nat:lets go allie allie:lets (they get on the stage with the microphone) mr e:ok sing this song but 1st ur homework is 4 all of u to write a song (the bell rings every1 leaves so fast n nat n allie try to but mr e stops them) mr e:no so fast u 2 nat:crap mr e:ignorin that hoe do u to go home nat:walkin allie:yeah me 2 mr e:then get singing nat:fine (they go back on stage) mr e:ok sing the lyrics om the tv nat:k (the beat goes on and the song is the start of somethin new but just imagine nat n allie singing instead of troy n Gabriella) nat:leavin in my own world didnt understand that anything can happen when u take a chance allie:i never believed in what i couldnt see i never opened my heart nat:oh allie:all the possibilities oh nat n allie:i know allie:dat somethin has changed nat n allie:never felt this way allie:n wright here tonight nat n allie:this could be the star of somethin new allie:it feels so right to be here with u nat n allie:oh n now lookin in ur eyes allie:i feel in my heart nat:feel in my heart nat allie:the start of somethin new nat:now who'd ever thought that we'd ...

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