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The video is SHIT IM SORRY! my movie maker is broken and I amde one one Sony Vegas but it wouldnt upload so I sjut had to pick one I made a few months ago ): IM SORRY! the one shot isnt very good either... I tried ): Sorry.... Commentt?? Nothing.... It's a word no one will ever understand til that's all they have. Nothing... Is when you run out of options. Nothing... Is when you finally see what you had. Nothing... Is me. My whole life was practically handed over to my on a silver plate. I never had to work my whole life. My whole world revolved around money and fame. Then one day... the worst day of my life, everything took a sudden change for the worst. My parents decided it was time for a divorce. I haven't even seen my mom since. And my dad is never home. He has become a useless drunk now.... It's like he has totally given up. He lost his job and instead of paying our rent he buys drugs. We are about to lose our house... for good. While my best friend just moved halfway across the country. I have never had many friends and to lose her was the worst thing to ever happen to me, or so I thought. Right when I thought things couldn't get worse... until today rolls around the corner. It was the dead of night. The sky had turned from its usual creamy blue to a deep black. I could only see by the sparking twinkle of the stars which sat above my head. And next to me sat the only person who ever meant anything to me.... Justin. His arm was around my shoulder as we sat in the ...

Justin, Bieber



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