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Odyssey song RikRok

Wake up in Troy feeling like Odysseus. Since we won the war were going home to Ithica Before I leave pra y to the gods for a safe trip home because my journey is so long its an epic poem. Im talking sailing through the seas seas Crews along with me me Trying to get to my family Telemacus and Peneople My son is looking for me My wife is getting married Boats getting a little bit tipsy Dont stop on this journey gotta get home in a hurry Tonight ima fight till we see the shore line Rik rock on the boat cause these waves just wont stop (repeat 2) Stop by on the island with the lotus eaters My crew at their poison lotus, so now hey are traitors At home the suitors line up, cause they heard my wifes single But she kicks em to the curb, cause she dont wanna mingle Stopin by on the Cyclops island, Then we find out hes the son of Poseidon Poke his only out to escape him, Start our journey once again, But poseidons getting really mad mad, poseiden getting mad, popos getting mad. CHORUS. (x2) Calypso, you took me in, You kept me here For seven years, yeah you kept me Then Hermes came, you let me go Now Im going home, yeah Im going stoped by the Phiacians, I told my story, They helped me to get home, Lets just go home Lets just go home Lets just go home The party dont stop til I get home CHORUS x2

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