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OZ Fans Pay Tribute to Michael Jackson

And the fans of the King of Pop continue to remember his life. Michael Jackson's fans have been paying tribute to the King of Pop worlwide. We go now to Sydney, Australia to see how they're remembering the musical legend. Michael Jackson fans organised an impromptu outdoor dance party in Australia in honour of the King of Pop. Fans gathered in a suburb of Sydney, watching Michael Jackson video clips while they danced and imitated some of his signature dance moves. "Everyone loves Michael Jackson. If we played different music here today, some people wouldn't like it, but everyone loves Michael." Despite Michael Jackson's rocky legal and media history, fans were keen to remember the music and contributions Jackson had made. "I think it's very exciting that his life is being celebrated, because he has had a very controversial life and it's great to see that people remember the really positive things about it." In Sydney's central business district, a group of fans set out on a "moonwalk" dance demonstration. The fans organised the gathering by posting an event on the Internet site, Facebook, and while turnout wasn't large, they took heart in being together. [Alex, Michael Jackson Fan]: "I think it's important for the fans to have somewhere to convene in order to be amongst one another and console one another." Jackson died last Thursday from a fatal cardiac arrest, the cause of which is still under investigation.

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