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Sonny With A Chance 2 EP.15(Sonny's New Name)

hey sorry sorry sorry i took forever but at least its here believe me ur gonna luv thie episode!! =) back to the story!! *With Joe & Sonny* Joe:sonny wait up!*catches up to her,stops her* i'm sorry it's just i thought you liked me Sonny:no it's not you it's me i'm sorry and your right i do like you,but i totally forgot who i'm actually in love with i'm so sorry Fans:*run up*Demi can we have your Autograph Sonny:okay look guys you got the wrong girl my name isn't demi Fan1:no no no were sorry we should've been more specific demi means sonny here in South America Sonny:really? Fan2:yup and we thought we'd like to call you by the name that its supposed to be called here Sonny:demi hmm its not bad wait what about munroe thats my last name Fan3:hmmm not sure thats a tricky one Sonny:oh well thats good to hear and all,but we really need to go now Fans:k bye demi Sonny:bye*leaves with joe* *Back With Everyone in So Random* Tawni:okay so whats our sketch? Grady:i've always liked Diaper Boy Vanessa:okay eww no how about something more less disgusting yet funny Zora:i agree Marshall:umm wait before you guys think up the sketch we got a guest star! Nico:really who? Zora:has to be someone funny Tawni:and hot! unless its a girl Marshall:not its a guy and he's a big thing right now Vanessa:who then who? *The Next Day With Sonny* Sonny:Joe i can't be on tour with you anymore i'm sorry Joe:i won't do it anymore i promise Sonny:*looks at him*okay i'll give you 1 more chance Joe:thank you ...

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