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The 100th Letter || One Shot || Part II ||

Daddy retired three months ago and now he sits at home, bitter and bored. I told him to play golf. Nick took him with him once. Hes never gone since. I know it frustrates mom, to see daddy like this. She gets mad when he criticizes the food he once loved or comments on everything she does. And remember my grandfather? Hes living his dream, Joe. He opened a small toy store where he can play with little children and make them happy. He likes making them happy. Tomorrow, Joe, when I get married, Ill miss you. When daddy walks me down the aisle, Ill pretend hes putting my hand in yours. Ill pretend that it will be your smiling at me from the alter. The wedding, Joe, it will be outdoors. Remember I told you I want an outdoor wedding? Well, Im finally getting one. And do you know where it is, Joe? Its in the field we would go to, where that tree no longer stands. Did you know, Joe, they made a small park in the field. So when you sit in the shade close to our old school building, Joe, you can hear the laughter of children. Its relaxing, Joe. And our school, it hasnt changed except for the people. When I can, I substitute for missing teachers and stand in the classrooms where you would send me notes. There are two kids, Joe, two teenagers in that school that are absolutely in love. They hold hands when they walk and he carries her books for her. She helps him with his homework and consoles him when he doesnt do well on a test. She cheers for him when he plays on the field and he ...

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