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The Domestic Approach - Episode One (Fan-made)

So I was going through some of my other vids, and I saw the Domestic Approach one and suddenly, all these ideas came to mind! I'm going to make a few episodes of my own series, seeing as we're probably not going to be getting a real one. So I'm not sure how many episodes there will be exactly, until my ideas run out I guess. But I have a basic idea. :) The clips and voices are from "Blackpool", "Casanova," "Secret Smile", "Doctor Who" and "Secret Diary of a Call Girl." I own nothing. :) So this first episode begins with an unsteady start between Rose and John Smith (the HumanDoctor). And who is the stranger who watches with such sad eyes as his love spends the night with someone else? know who it is. He's found a way back, but only to keep an eye on his girl. Here's the audio in case of it isn't loud enough. John: You must miss him. Rose: All the time, wherever I am. Doctor: I need you. John: Relationships- Rose: Stop! Right there. John: I love- Rose: I know what you're saying and we're not going there. John: Okay sweetheart I'll just hang around here. Rose: No, I think you should go. John: Oh come on. Rose: This has all been a mistake. John: That's ridiculous. I love you. You led me on, just like- Rose: No, of course I like you I just- John: It's special, what we have. Rose: Look just go. John: If I go now I'll never come back. Rose: Did you hear me I said go! ..Sorry. Ninth Doctor: Have a good life. Doctor: Rose. Doctor: I can never go back. Other: Doctor ...

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