Video - THE GAME - 200 bars and runnin -the breakdown

Videa Gonow GS-2 THE GAME - 200 bars and runnin -the breakdown

THE GAME - 200 bars and runnin -the breakdown

What the fuck is all this noise? He from Cali he can't rap He ain't better than this nigga That's my favorite artist Fuck y'all hear the breakdown [Verse 1: The Game] No detox I'm comfortable dog Like the solo Reeboks right up under me dog And it feel like I done it before Sit in the throne pollutin the airwaves like a hummer exhaust Don't let Makavelli fool you homey thuggin it costs Pour out a little liquor for the loved ones that we lost You ain't gotta wait for the album I don't fuck with The Source But I turn up my Eazy-E and let it bump in the Porsche I mean turn up my BIG and let it bump in the Porsche Tell 'em to roll red carpet when he come in New York Hip-hop police on me think they runnin New York Till I lace my and1 show 'em how to run in New York They tryin to take me downtown put me under the court Cuz Joe Buddens told 'em I carry a gun New York And homey that's strictly fact he got ripped on wax So he snitched just to get me back No matter what you say dog your shit be whack You better watch what you say it might get you clapped Here's a little advice homey switch your raps Cuz that shit on your last album ain't get you plat's What nigga you need a gun? I'll get you that P-89 nigga let Dre stitch you back ??? Industry niggaz I'll admit to that But I don't even want your chain I'll let the Crips do that 12 bars for that bitch he won't live through that Even a nigga with a ten-year bid knew that Put a gun in his mouth yeah, yeah do that He a pussy (sniff ...

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