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The Great Maratha Part 3 Click on 'interactive Transcript' at bottom right for English subtitles. --- thanks to Darshan Shinde for subtitles (Laudable and non trivial efforts by him!!) The Great Maratha, Directed/Produced by Sanjay Khan, aired on DoorDarshan sometime in the mid 1990's. It was a magnum opus based on life of mighty Maratha general, Mahadji Shinde. Mahadji was instrumental in re-instating the Maratha power in north India after Maratha debacle in Third battle of Panipat in 1761. His power also kept the emerging British power at bay for more than two decades. Part 3 -:Third Battle Of Panipat - Marathas fight bravely - Bhau, Vishvasrao and countless others become martyrs - Wounded Mahadji is rescued by Rane Khan, Peshwa Balaji Bajirao comes to know about great martyrdom at Panipat - Wounded Mahadji recovers under care of Pandoba Atre & Rane Khan - Mahadji prepares a new army to launch attack on retreating Abdali Download The Entire Serial With English Subtitles from Here

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