Video - Troy-Bilt String Trimmer Attachments Demonstration

Videa Gonow Troy Troy-Bilt String Trimmer Attachments Demonstration

Troy-Bilt String Trimmer Attachments Demonstration

Most Troy-Bilt string trimmers have the ability to change attachments, multiplying the types of lawn and garden tasks you can accomplish. To change an attachment, loosen the lock knob slightly on the trimmer shaft. Press in on the small button and pull the two halves apart. Then insert the new attachment into the upper shaft, aligning the small button and the hole in the shaft. Finish by tightening the lock knob. Troy-Bilt has a variety of attachments to help with your lawn and garden improvements: Lawn Edger - Provides clean cuts along walks and driveways Cultivator - This tiller has ground breaking capability and is perfect for small areas Pole Saw - Great for larger tree limbs as the compact chain saw can reach up to 10 feet Hedge Trimmer - Trim trees, shrubs and hedges from different positions, heights and angles Blower - Cleans up leaves and grass clippings Brush Cutter - Great for heavy grass or vegetation Make sure to review all manuals/instructions and use fresh gas before operating your power equipment and attachments. Also, to find Troy-Bilt string trimmers and attachments at Lowe's, visit

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