"ULTRASONIC JEWELRY CLEANER" Get Cleaner Jewelry Here! Don't Clean Another Piece of Jewelry Before you Read This! Many gemstones have their own special needs and requirements that you should be aware of to ensure their longevity. Popular methods of cleaning, such as ultrasonic cleaners and steam cleaning, are not appropriate for all gems. Amethyst, Citrine, and other members of the quartz family shouldn?t be steam cleaned because intense heat (as well as prolonged light) can permanently alter their color. Opals should always be treated with extreme care. Avoid impact, chemicals, heat and extremely dry conditions -- all promote cracking. Go now to Own your Must have "Touch of Purple" Jewelry Cleaner... http As for emeralds, avoid heat cleaning and chemicals that can remove the jeweler?s oil. Topaz sometimes cracks when subjected to sudden temperature changes as it would in steam cleaning. Porous gems like turquoise and amber are popular in silver jewelry, but they will become discolored by silver tarnish removers. Aside from these cautions, you can clean your own jewelry at home without much fuss. For most types of mounted gemstone pieces, occasional, gentle brushing with a baby toothbrush in Touch of Purple and drying with a soft cloth is all you need to keep your jewelry looking its finest every day. Please see the chart below for a comparison of cleaning methods and see for yourself how Touch of Purple outshines the competition.

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