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Untouchable - A Justin bieber story chapter 20.wmv

Chapter 20 comment.sub.rate wow din't post any story for weeks i've been busy like what i said i'll be posting every weekends here it goes... ________________________________________________________ Chaz:did we forget that school is going to start tomorrow?, and it's late? Caitlin:Oh yeah, crap. we better go now Justin. Christian:Crap! yeah i forgot Therese:Yeah you guys forgot. Justin:Oh well, thanks for the time guys. All went out now Justin and therese is left alone in Justin's room. Therese: i smile at justin, Justin. Melissa just arrived and she'll kill me if i sleep in here without her permission. Justin:yeah, you should go home now. I don't want you to get in trouble cause of me, school tomorrow.Remember 8am in here. Therese:Yeah, never will forget it. I kissed Justin's cheak and said night Justin see you tomorrow, Also went down and said my goodbyes to Pattie. I opened our front door and was surprised to see Melissa was home i hugged her so tight and teared, Whoa! why did i teared? or.. i think i need someone to hug about this Justin thing... Melissa: I missed you so much. and why are you tearing? Therese:you need to know something... Melissa:wait... don't tell me your pregnant? Therese:WTH!? no, Justin has leukemia, [i cried] Melissa:OMGASSSH! Therese:i gave him a chance so im together with him now. Melissa:thats good to hear your together but sad to hear he has leukemia. but i have something to show you.. Therese:what? what is it? [jumping surprisingly] Melissa ...

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