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With Demi Demi-*in her bed**in pain* Selena-*walks in* Hey Dem.*looks at her* OMG! U HAD SEX Demi-*sits up fast even though it hurts but hides the pain*What? No! Miley-*comes out of the bathroom* WHAT DID U SAY SEL? Selena-She had sex! I can tell! Miley-*walks close to her and examines her face* yepp. She did the goofy look it gone! Demi-What.. no. Selena&Miley-YES Demi-no. Selena-YES Demi-No. Miley-No. Demi-Yes. Selena-I KNEW IT Demi-WHAT U TRICKED ME! Miley-Was it with Nick? Demi-Pssh. Im still very much a virgin. Miley-*looks at her* no ur not. I had the same look on myface when i got it taken from me. Selena-Yeah. sam here.Im female i can tell. Demi-I thought u were a virgin? Selena- I was. Up till 2 months ago *smiles* Demi-*shrugs* Well..OKay I had Sex with Nick. Okay gosh. Miley-*sad but dosent show it* So ur inlove with him? Demi-Well. Not excatcly. Miley&Selena-WHAT! Selena-*runs and closes the door and locks it with the chains and everything* Emily cannot know that! Demi-Why? Miley-Shes the queen of gossip Selena-She earned her spot on Gossip Girl. Demi-Ohh. Miley-I cant bei;eve u Demi! Demi-What? Selena-Losing ur virginity is speacial ! Therfore it should be from someone speacial. A knock on the door. Demi-*crosses her fingers* Plz dont be nick pl dont be nick . Selena-Who is it? ????-NICK! Demi-*sighs* Canu answer that? Miley-NO! .. IM NAKED NICK GO AWAY! Nick-Ohh.. ew. sorry *leaves* Demi-What? Miley-Dem. How big was he? Demi-What? Miley-His Penis! Demi-Big ...

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