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Zanessa I Told you So

Turn up volume in beginning there is a voice over.....baiscally its when v tells z shes not coming back to him, and how things started to go wrongg in this video, vanessa leaves zac, wanting space, and not wanting zac lets her go. but then she realizes taht she wants zac back, that she made a mistake, but she doesnt no if zac will let her back, or will he say itold u so, in the beginning, v is asking will he say he wants me or will he say i told you so? and then around 3:09 z starts saying i told u so, i told u this was going to happen, i told uu never wanted to leave, i TOLD you.... she says shes changed, and z says he found sum1 new, and u will never break my hear in to again, and v thinks that he moved on.....but that new person is still v...even tho he is saying i told you so, zac still wants vanessa ...just that the person she changed to was the person she used to be when she and zac fist met, back when the love first started....and he knows she will never break his heart again....this is the new person

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